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Naturally Increase the Penis Size

Naturally Increase the Penis Size

These are simple ways to naturally increase the penis size!

*Male Enhancement Supplements
*Sizegenetics Extender
*Penis Exercises

There are no excuses on why you cannot increase the penis size. Yes, few may admit it but surely having an enormous male organ is really something most guys would dream of having. Even if they feel they are endowed down there, the desire of having a bigger one would still exist. Now, there are methods to enhance the overall dimensions from the length to the penis girth. These systems are downright simple and easy to do with clinical proof of the results that are seen. Your options are now vast as you can do some movements that have been studied and released in a program, strap on a device that brings tension or just pop down a capsule. All these are widely available to any man that has this desire all with a money back guarantee for you own satisfaction to be viewed.


Whatever method you pick it will yield the results that you wanted or simply request a refund, it does not get any better than that for a male enhancement solution. All you need to do is be dedicated enough to spare a little time of implementing the system as it is recommended inside the instructions. A little bit of time, dedication and the gains begin to be seen within the first 3 to 6 weeks. The more permanent ones will take between 4 and 6 months to grow the penis size. Don't distress, it will only take about 8 minutes each day or less to perform the individual requirements of the technique. Most men who have already selected these programs are very pleased with the enlargement that they were able to achieve.

Collated reports suggest the effectiveness of the methods as the penis would not only increase in length but also, in terms of girth or the width of the male organ. Most of the increase, lengthwise, is around 1-3 inches added to the penis size. Not bad for a couple of minutes of your day, right? With a consistent commitment of doing the maneuvers, you will begin experiencing erections like never before.

Penis Enlargement

If you're a little wary and scared of the whole penis enlargement systems, you should not be because they are even be recommended by doctors and hospitals around the world. Yes, these same exact techniques that you are seeing right here. These male enhancement programs are widely researched and they are backed up by medical studies along with scientific research too. If you would like I recommend that you actually go visit you personal physician and speak to him or her about the enlargement method that you would like to use to grow the penis. I think that you will soon learn that what is shared is very real. With these, there are no reported known side effects to date. Therefore, the formulas are safe and effective when they are used as intended and the directions are followed accordingly.

Men have been getting a big penis size for centuries now. The ways that they use to have to do because that was all that they had were harmful and dangerous. We are lucky that technology has advanced so much and we have so many safe solutions for us to grow the penis.
Some men may find that they are dissatisfied with their male organ and can not find something to do about it. And some even believe they can increase the penis size. Fear not, there are many ways to make your penis size larger and I'll share these tips with you.

Larger Penis Size

Following these steps, you'll know exactly how to expand your penile to a total of 9 inches. Here are some ways to grow the penis size:

1. Most men turn to pills when they want a bigger and harder pleasure toy. There are a lot of these so-called enlargement pills on the market and they all say they can help. Most, however, are a strong bet and will only waste time. They are not all disappointments, however. There are a few that can help.

Indeed, other advertising supplements will not increase its circumference, but only give an erection.

2. Surgery is another option. This has the advantage of being one of the few ways to make your penis size larger. But like breast implants, may have difficulty feeling any sensation in his penis. When having sex, you can usually feel satisfied when you feel great.

3. Exercise may help some men get what they are looking for since this is where it all started years ago. Unlike the other two options that is much safer and can make your penis size bigger, harder with more stamina for an explosive sexual performance. This will increase your circle, make you more time, and also increase your endurance in bed.

As many men know very well, this is what every woman wants. That's why male enhancement is an excellent choice for men. How to increase penis size? The steps that every man needs and should know to add 1 to 3 inches!

Men are faced with a lot of trouble when they are not equipped with a good length and hardness. This is very vital for performing in bed. This turns out to be a very annoying and frustrating for many as they are not able to give satisfaction to their partners. There are many medically recommended methods that are available if you are determined to get rid of this problem forever. One of the most popular methods on how to enhance the male organ is different extension exercises to speed up the process.

How to grow penis with the #1 recommended penis extender on the market!

The sizeGenetics™ is a well known extender that comes to your rescue if you want to enhance your penis. The traction device that is associated with this equipment is designed in the best possible manner to elongate your male organ. You will ever face any embarrassing situation once you are done with the use of this product. The main part in the penis extenders is that the right amount of force needs to be applied so that you get the proper results without causing any damage to the penis. This equipment is perfect for the purpose as it exerts the right extent of pressure to give you the maximum results.

The penis girth can also be acted upon so that you have a wholesome experience in bed with your partner. A common problem is related to the curved nature of the penile which is mainly due to the hardness that binds the tissues together. This can be remedied by loosening the tissue that is stuck together so that the proper expansion can take place. This is very important since a lot of pain can be caused due to the curve when you indulge in amorous activities with a woman. The traction is devised in such a way so as to work on the specific area and carry out the expansion process rather than retracting which is seen in a lot of extenders.

One of the most important things to consider is the safety option for any method that you want to use. This one wins hands down on this aspect as there are no long term effects and you hardly feel any pain after the initial part. There are many other methods that you can find out on how to increase penis size but few are as effective as this extender is known to be.

Naturally Enlarge Penis by Jelqing

There are so many men out there that suffer with a huge complex when it comes to the size of their organ. That is why I wanted to sit down and write this article for you all. I personally know how to naturally enlarge penis because I did so a few years ago myself. First if you are considering to do this by a natural means, you must be able to set aside the time to invest in the task at hand. By chance this is just not possible then jelqing will not be the right resource to get these results. I would further recommend one of the clinically proven penis pills because if swallowing is easy then a solution of these sorts is more suitable. It is essential that the right guide is followed; never deviate away from the directions. The area we are working with is highly sensitive and by chance something was performed incorrectly, permanent damage may be the end result. Although many use this technique every single day, I prefer the stretcher or the pills myself.


1. A doctor designed them as well as tested them for their amazing solutions to extending our length.

2. A pill is a whole lot safer and easier in my opinion to take on a daily basis. The herbs have been thoroughly looked at for their performance and safety.

3. If you are not able to fondle your personal parts like me then jelq is completely out of the question!

Penis Exercises 

There is always good reason for men that want to understand how to grow penis size and tissue? Really how does all of this come into play? Let us take a look at the penile from the inside out and how it really works along with implementing exercises. You see the medical terminology refers to it as the Corpora Cavernosa and what make up the components of it are the veins, we have the spongy tissue and the skin the covers the outer layers. We may think of our penile as a very nice and structured muscle. As anyone can clearly see this is a fragile part of our body. So when we think about performing a maneuver on it we must have consulted with a medical professional or at least we are following a medically approved guide to get these results. It is really easy for any man to get carried away and then it lies wide open for permanent damage to occur. I am sure that none of us would ever want that to happen. This is a prized possession and must be handled with extreme care.

When we get aroused we are growing penis tissue but how does this happen. The first thing that takes place is the moment that nitric oxide gets released into our blood stream and begins inflating our penis size. Now that this has taken place the spongy tissue inside that is also known as the Corpora Cavernosa will now be able to fill with blood and the expansion of the male organ will begin to form. If the tissue is healthy then there is no reason that it cannot grow to a very satisfying dimension. It is so important for men to keep their blood vessels healthy if they want to continue enjoying this feeling as they age. If they are not in tip top shape then that is when erectile dysfunction may set in or some other trouble that inhibits you from being able to grow the male organ.

The penis exercises work on growing penile tissue in a gentle way. It is a form of massaging that is performed on the male organ over time. It has been used for thousands of years and they have
performed scientific studies on them. The studies have actually revealed that utilizing the maneuvers along with another medically proven male enhancement product like a traction device or some natural herbal based pills may grant men better results long term. If this is the way that you want to go then one may want to have a look at the two top options to obtain this and they are the sizegentics program or the maleextra supplement. Now both of these male enhancement solutions have been developed and recommended by doctors for men to get a big penis size. They also both come with a added gift and that is with the purchase you will get the penis exercises at no additional charge to the customer. It is like getting two great products for the price.

Naturally Enlarge Penis

1. In order to big you will need to massage it so that it is partially erected. Do not get it too hard, as you do not want other occurrence to take place during this session. Although the worst part is success may not happen.

2. Using your left hand (unless you are right handed) take your thumb and the index finger so that it creates an okay sign. Now clasp it over the head. Make a strong grip with it but not to the point of discomfort.

3. Now it is time to gently stretch it out.

4. Do the same step with the other hand and wrap it at the base of the shaft.


Continue from the bottom up to the top of the shaft, slowly. Return and repeat this step for approximately five minutes.

For best results this practice will need to be repeated daily until jelqing for a big penis size has been achieved through your daily actions practiced.

Penis Extenders 

While many women swear that the size doesn’t matter quite as much as men think, it is still a matter of personal pride for a man to have a big penis size; hence the rising demand for penis extenders. The average size of an erect male organ is said to be about 6 inches, but most men range between 5 and 6 inches. However, there are those who are superbly endowed, such as Jonah Falcon, whose erect penile measures a whooping 13.5 inches. Such numbers surely intimidate averagely endowed individuals, which is why most people often end up seeking solutions from many different quarters, such as pills, stretching, hanging weights, extenders and pumps, among others.

While most of the methods used are quite efficient, we will concentrate on the extensions. These devices are quite simple to use. They basically consist of a circular ring that fits at the base of the penis, a cushioned grip that fits around the head of the penis, and two steel rods which extend from the base ring to the head. These are fitted over a flaccid penis, which is then stretched away from the body by the light clamp. It is actually quite comfortable, and most users claim that you can hardly remember that you are wearing the device most times.

As the stretching occurs, the continuous tension will force the penis to resist, by causing the cells to divide and expand. This expansion causes the penis to become longer, although an increase in girth size can also be experienced. However, do not expect the growth to occur overnight. It is most efficient when worn for several hours a day, everyday for several months. The penis extenders are actually recommended by doctors and are available worldwide.

However, to ensure safe usage, you need to remove it or loosen it every 20 minutes to ensure that blood flow resumes. This is because the ring at the base can be tight, cutting off blood supply to the penile tissue, which could cause severe and irreparable damage to the tissue. It can be worn well under loose trousers without anyone suspecting. It is quite a good investment, with clinical tests giving an average increase of 2 inches after six months of daily usage. Basically, before you try out any of the methods, you might want to consult your doctor to find out which option is the best for you.

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