Thursday, August 14, 2014

How Can I Control Premature Ejaculation

Learn How to Control Premature Ejaculation

The numbers are in and it is being reported that one in very three men are suffering with ejaculating sooner than their partner from a lack of controlling it. Is this a cause for concern? If it is bothering both partners then it probably is time to seek help from a doctor.

Ask yourself a few questions?

Do I ejaculate within one minute or sooner?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or frustrated during intercourse? 

Are you unable to control the ejaculation?

It may be time to find a solution to this problem so the partners can begin to enjoy their sexual relationship again. It does not have to be the end here. 


These days’ men are facing early ejaculating at an increasing rate. This troublesome situation is bringing frustration into relationships along with sharing intimate pleasurable moments with a partner. So as men battle with their frustration with lack of control they wonder how can I control premature ejaculation. There has not been a clear reasoning placed upon why this dysfunction occurs, speaking to your personal physician is always a great idea. Each situation is different and pin pointing how to rectify is best done with the help of a doctor specializing in this area.

Stop Having a Lack of Sexual Pleasure 
Men often shy away from talking to a professional about prematurely ejaculate because it is embarrassing but let me share that no one is alone in this dysfunction. From young to older generations it affects varying generations and it leads us to a lack of experiencing sexual pleasures and desires. Bringing light to this dysfunctional area of your life is the best thing that can be done. Shying away and not facing the situation will never make it better. The truth is that premature ejaculation is very treatable. It is time to gather the courage and grab onto to how to control premature ejaculation for the best intimacy with your lover tonight. It is better to discover a solution instead of living with this undesirable dysfunctional issue. Take that step today for you to get the medical help that is needed for ejaculating before it should. This will allow each man to get the treatment that is exactly right for them.


The Causes 

There unfortunately is not a definite reason why men ejaculate early.

Doctors use to believe that it was just physiological but now it is known to be biologically related and a more complex interaction.

If men were in a hurry to reach obtaining an orgasm early on in life this may be cause for trouble later on in life with controlling your semen when ejaculating.

Anxiety or being in a hurry to get through your sexual encounter may be reasoning's for erectile dysfunction at some point and time.

Are you sedentary daily from employment, being lazy or some other situation that may be out of reach for one to correct?

If you have or are suffering conflict inside of your relationship with your lover/partner then this could certainly affect the outcome.

A few of the biological factors that can lead to premature ejaculation may be hormone levels that are not in balance, abnormal activity in the brain, or maybe an issue with the thyroid.

It may be a good time to see your doctor to make sure that you do not have a type of infection that needs medical attention.

There are nerves that are down in this sensitive area that may be posing an underlying disturbance affecting the way it comes out.

Tips On How To Enjoy the Bedroom

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