Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to Have a Better Orgasm

What is a Orgasm?

It is an intense feeling that leaves men and women wanting the sensation to live on. Whether it is centered in the genitals or the clitoris both partners are floating on cloud nine in another world. It is pleasure at it's best! Every human needs it and wants it! It may seem like this should be an easy thing to understand but really there is a pretty complex formula that must unfold to get us here. So the question is how to have a better orgasm and this is for both sexes of course. Yes although men ejaculate it is still known as the big "O" too. The reasons that it is so complex is because the body has nerves, muscles and blood-flow that must reach these locations in order to begin the sensual processes. If there happens to be a blockage or an imbalance and the blood cannot freely get here then we have a problem officer. This is where it all starts and stops! As crazy as it must sound the sexual organs being the vagina and the penis need nutrients and nourishment and it seems we may not be getting enough these days from our diets alone.


This is why both partners are looking at enhancements for a better quality of life inside the bedroom. There is no shame in that, no one should have to ever miss out on feelings like these.

Why sexual pleasure feels good?

There is a large percentage of ladies ranging in various age categories that never seem to hit their peak orgasmic levels.

Why is this?

The clitoris needs blood flow just like the penis which allows both of these sexual organs to enlarge. During this heated process their are several other areas of the body that should also be getting turned on like the nipples and our heart rates will begin to rise. Now when we get to the top of the orgasmic experiment the nerves and muscles naturally become tense until we peak with an ejaculation or an orgasm, when it all releases. It is a sort of contraction within from intense stimulation. Now if men are not able to release the build up when they get a hard on this in turn leaves them with blue balls. On the other hand the woman may feel heavy down in her pelvic area leaving them bogged down and saddened by not be able to release the contraction.

There are a large number of times that the ladies are not able to get it all out the first time this is why they enjoy multiple orgasms.

Better Orgasm for Men:

When the penis gets sucked or stimulated it begins to load the blood into the chambers, which allows it to grow. Getting harder and in a position for ejaculating. If there is not enough openings for the stream of blood to reach the male organ quickly then the erection will most likely be lost. For a better orgasm herbs and natural aphrodisacs (that have been used for thousands of years) that nourish the organ and enhance the areas leading to the copora cavernosa. It seems that many of us can not get the necessary nutrients from our diets alone so we must find a daily supplement. (which may be the ticket) The male enhancement pills are usually formulated with them and may help.

Better Orgasm for Women:

It all must start with steaming hot foreplay that demands that rush of blood flow to the vagina. Which will also assist in naturally lubricating the area for sensual lovemaking. (it may not always be enough though) This is where the herbal ingredients in female enhancement pills may give that extra boost to the entire sexual experience. It may leave the partners wanting to jump back into the sack more often to continue the amazing sensations they both get. There are even different sexual positions that have been precisely designed to help women reach and have the best "O" that leaves them breathless.

Longer Sexual Enjoyment?

The bottom line here in my personal opinion is every one of us must stay in tuned with our bodies. The first most there is an alert that something is not right seek help from a doctor.

Do not suffer by no longer engaging in pleasure. Longer sexual enjoyment comes more easily to those that allow relaxation to happen naturally. The body can easily respond and emotions can get the flame lite. Putting a twist into the sexual positions and adding in some toys, potions or other material that turns the partner on. (may be a nice added sweet treat) Do not be afraid to express what you want! (speak to each other during these moments leading the other to what turns you on)

Trouble with Orgasm:

There is so much that goes into this tiny little sensation. It must start with touch and the kind that is going to bring the other person to an arousal.

There are 43% of women that have not had an orgasm in a long awaited while or possibly "Never" even experienced one at all. Then there are about 15% to 25% of men that are suffering with erectile dysfunction. The trouble with orgasm may be complex lined within the body but it is up to us to respond and bring it back to life. It does not have to be gone forever! Nope, every single one of us may feel as if our life is a disastrous mess full of headaches and stress. However it is time to let is all go, toss it in the trash. The body is not designed to live as a tangled up knot! So unravel it and allow it the serenity to relax. Just think what the sheets would look like if both partnering parties were able to have the sexual desire they deserved!

Wild Orgasmic Contractions?

It may be that one or maybe even both partners are so frazzled in the daily life they no longer know how to experience a wild orgasmic contraction. This is why the herbal ingredients inside something like Semenax or VigRX may help men have better control over what they desire. A harder penis with ejaculations that are huge and memorable. For the ladies this is why it may be time to take a closer look at Her Solution or even Provestra the aphrodisiacs and herbal constituents have been used dating back thousands of years. (take a moment to read the ingredient list and learn how they aid the sexual organs for both partners) Many of the enhancements have been Clinically tested and support a guarantee of satisfactions so we may not have anything to lose but our pleasure. Please do not forget to tease each other a little bit playing hard to get may be a turn on and light the candles set the mood with some tunes.

Make love longer:

Who would not want to know how to make love longer? The connection has been intimately made between partners since the beginning of time. The lack of confidence and low libido levels along with erectile dysfunction are robbing a mass amount of the population from getting sensual pleasure underneath the covers. The list of reasons why this is happening at an alarming rate is endless. We are bombarded daily with factors that place us at a higher stress levels than we have ever had to experiment with before. Some of them are beyond our control. So we can only grasp on to the things we can have complete control over and nourishment to our bodies may be the best one.

Thankfully we all can get our hands on fantastic enhancer products that may be very effective allowing us to make love longer. No one wants to feel as if they have rusted away and can not step into the bedroom without a positive and clear conscious of knowing they are going to have a "Great" time!