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How to Have Healthy Sperm

How to Have Healthy Sperm
If you're looking to conceive and you've heard how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy sperm count, take heart now. The information here on how to have healthy sperm just might be helpful to the two of you. It might be possible to have healthy swimmers inside the tube with a few minor lifestyle adjustments. There is no need to become a monk or banish yourself to a deserted island to protect them or give them a boost.

However you do need to be aware that obtaining healthy sperm and how they thrive really are important. There are certainly a handful of specific biological factors. What's more, you may be able to naturally boost the count and quality with a proven semen volume enhancer, like Semenax. More on that in just a moment. First, let's look at how the lifestyle affects the sperm.

The average sperm count for a healthy male is between 120 million to 350 million per cubic centimeter. A low count is below 40 million. The more sperms you have, the greater your chances for insemination to have a baby. You can also gauge the health of the sperms by their motility, or ability to move to an egg.


Healthy lifestyle is very important for a higher count and sperm motility. You've heard it said many times to abstain from smoking, recreational drugs and excessive alcohol. There are even a few additional reasons that can adversely affect them. So if you're looking to conceive, don't smoke, drink or do drugs! All of these things might kill the swimmers off quickly.

Chemical exposure, from pesticides, plastics and industrial pollutants is hard to avoid in today's dirty driven society. These things have been proven to damage sperm. Go organic if at all possible, especially for foods that are free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Better yet, go organic with all your food to include meats and especially dairy. Yes it can be more expensive, but your health and body will thank you for it. Who knows there may even be a baby on the way. Lastly try to avoid plastic containers and wrappings, as they all contain traces of industrial pollutants. Yes, I understand it can be a huge inconvenience but it's a short term adjustment that can pack a big benefit to the overall health of the body.

Healthy diet plays a major role in male fertility. Go green, with lots of leafy vegetables, like kale, broccoli and spinach. Lemons and oranges are good source of natural vitamin C. Fresh organic fruits, whole grains and legumes (beans) can all ensure your sperm is blossoming and increasing in numerical numbers. Stay away from animal products with a high fat content and loaded with hormones, like dairy, chicken, beef and pork. A bit of an adjustment here for your inner carnivore, but while you're looking to conceive, it's a good way to go.

If you can avoid coffee, tea and alcohol while you're looking to conceive as well. Tell yourself this sacrifice will not be forever.

Exercise helps maintain a healthy body weight. Moderate exercise, five times a week for at least 45 minutes can be very beneficial to male fertility. Moderate is really the key here as excessive exercise, like marathon running and professional sports can possibly lower the sperm count. On the other hand, obesity is linked to lowered counts and impotence. Light and regular exercise relieves stress and helps maintain normal body weight. They both might add in a lot of beneficial factors for a man and a woman to conceive a baby.

Nutritional supplements can also be an effective way to boost male fertility. Vitamin C and zinc are the most important nutrients here; vitamin C, at 2000 to 6000 milligrams a day prevents sperm from sticking together, which increases motility and the odds they'll reach their target. Zinc is proven to boost testosterone, sperms count and motility. A good dose of zinc is 100 to 200 milligrams a day.

Arginine is an amino acid that can also boost increase count and motility.

For further assistance from mother nature in boosting male fertility, there's a variety of herbals that stimulate erections, sex drive, blood flow to the sex organs and improve overall sexual health. These herbals include panax ginseng, muira puama, ginkgo biloba, horny goat weed and tribulus terrestris.

Some trivial habits you can change that will have your swimmers plentiful and happily moving. Don't stick your cell phone in your front pant pocket! While ongoing research continues into cell phones and the effects of radiation on the human body, some studies suggest that putting your phone near your groin might expose your sperm to radiation, thus lowering their count. Also, avoid tight-fitting pants (like spandex) that fit tightly around the groin, and don't spend excessive time exposing your penis to hot water. They both lower sperm production.

Finally, when looking to conceive, take a natural supplement like Semenax! As the most effective semen volume enhancer available today, Semenax boosts sperm volume and health with its potent blend of safe amino acids and herbal extracts. A few of the ingredients included are arginine, muira puama and tribulus terrestris. Remember them? They are important here. They are all inside the capsules. There have been no known side effects. Since they are all natural there will not be a required trip to a doctor for it to be prescribed.

Semenax also increases the load, which means longer orgasms. You're cool with that right?

This article outlines male fertility and how to have healthy sperm for a better chance at conception. When blended with Semenax, some times, patience and a whole lot of sex (gee, life is so rough!) may have a baby on the way!

Happy conception! I hope that you are soon welcoming a new baby girl or boy.

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